Europe Trip Day 2


I woke up around 9am German time and woke up slowly! It took me an hour to have a shower and make a coffee, although I realised that I did not have the insert for the espresso maker ( I left it in London!) and so was a bit disappointed when I found that out!

I carried on though and packed up the tent, got myself sorted and hit the road heading out through the national park and on towards Berlin! I had to stop pretty much straight away for fuel and breakfast, during which it started to rain again!

I hid out under the garage roof and waited for it to disappear! which eventually it did!
after about 6 hours on the road i made it to Poland (country #5) and in time to see Mia before bed time!

We played and i read her stories and then i had to put my bike into a secure car park which is manned 24 hours a day so it didn’t get stolen and was safe !
i went back to see Mia and put her to bed and eventually went to sleep myself!!

ETD 2 –

318 miles – 512km

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