Europe Trip Day 4

ETD #4
Got up and played hide and seek with Mia. We went for a walk in the woods and made a little chase film or two! The we went for ice cream at the shop and went to the playground for an hour! I brought my bike from the car park and put it in Tomek’s Garage as we are now off to lake Lubia to go sailing!

We are heading around 100km due south of koszalin to lake lubia where sailboat Jasmina is berthed at the lake. I am in the car with Mia, Tomek & Jasmina. We are about 50km from the lake now ! I think the plan is to get there unload the car, transport the new outboard engine to the sailboat and start to run it in as it a new engine and needs to be treated gently! Then we will go to a local restaurant for something to eat. Then it will be back to the boat for drinking beer and sleeping! We are sleeping in the boat tonight which should be fun!
We arrived at campsite ‘Bruno’ and there were several families also camping out, some in tents some in boats. We hopped into a small row boat to row over to the sailboat ‘Jasmina’ to untie her from her docking buoy and bring her over to the jetty.

Then Tomek sorted her out whilst Mia, Babcia & I went to a local restaurant! It only serves fish & perogies!! Heaven! I had perogies with cheese & potato, as did Babcia whilst Mia had perogies with strawberries!!!

We ate then went back to the campsite/boat and relaxed. Eventually after reading Mia a story she went to sleep. Tomek, Jasmina and in sat up on deck and drank beer! Then myself and Tomek made a fantastic camp fire and drank beer late into the night!

Bed time came and we went to the boat.
Now, the combination of beer and a rocking bed on a boat were bit good for me! Within 10minutes I went up for air and within another 10mins I was hurling chunks overboard right into the lake!! Not good. My stomach settled down after a while and I went below for a nice sleep! Sorry to all who heard it!

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