Europe Trip Day 5

ETD #5
what a lovely day it has been. So so nice. After my rough end to the night(self inflicted) I awoke around 10am to the sound of low flying military jets overhead and to a beautiful sunny day.
The folks and Mia were out having breakfast and I joined them. We stayed around the campsite in the morning and played whilst Tomek and Jasmina set up the boat for sailing. I went to the shop with Mia and Jasmina we had an ice cream mmmm

Then went back to the campsite and paddled with Mia in the lake & after a while set off around lake Lubia! Tomek was taking us to a nice beach to swim! We took a nice slow journey out as Tomek was using the outboard engine for the first Time and wanted to tun the engine in. Quite understandable.

The sun was high in the sky and beating down beautifully. After a while we arrived at the beach and Tomek and Jasmina were I think a little annoyed at the state of the beach as the previous visitors had a campfire and left empty cans and cups around. I had to agree, it was not a nice way to leave such a beautiful place. Nevertheless we had a great time there. Mia I went paddling and eventually I plucked up the courage and swam in the lake. It was lovely and warm! Mia joined me and I held her whilst she swam! Tomek came in also but didn’t swim as it was a bit to cold for him! We swam around for a while then dried off and put the sail up as the wind was behind us and headed back to the natural harbour. The sail back was bliss. The wind a little light, but still bardzo dobry!!

So nice to swim and sail!

We arrived back, packed up the sails, cleaned Up the boat, visited the village shop again for more ice cream and drinks and packed the car and headed back for Koszalin. We stopped on the way at a nice restaurant for food! I had perogies again and Mia had chocolate pancakes! The drive back was nice. When home we unpacked the car and I took motorbike to the secure car park and returned home. I put Mia to bed and read her 8 stories!
Now I’m watching the boxing on tele and writing this.
Tomorrow the bike is getting a quick chain and sprocket replacement in the morning and hopefully with a bit of luck I will head off to the Czech republic tomorrow. The weather is not looking good, but it always changes!

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