Europe Trip day 7


Avery productive day!
I awoke around 10am and had some breakfast with stu & jitka and the family here.
I then went to the garage to muck about with the bike for a bit and try and do a wee bit of servicing. I had to take a chain link out of the new chain as they come quite long as standard and I had no adjustment should I need it, so asked Jitkas dad if he had a chain link remover (those that have been here know that pretty much every tool known to mankind is here!) but not a chain link remover! So Pavel used a angle grinder & hole punch to remove the link! quality work!
Stu & I took apart the bike to check the oil and coolant levels & as there are parts available I told Stu about a cir clip that had been missing for a long time from the dashboard and asked if i could use one to stop it rattling! so we stripped the front end off the bike and replaced it, topped up the oil and coolant which were both quite low!! Then put it all back together again, adjusted the chain and rear wheel and jet washed her clean! like a new bike all ready for the off on Monday!

Then Stu was looking in one of the panniers and I pointed out a fire extinguisher, to which he said to me should be in a more accessible place in the event of a fire! So Stu found a bit of old steel and decided to make a bracket for it to go on the panniers next to the spare fuel bottles!
Enter the A-team!!
instead of it being just a bracket made from steel it turned into an all afternoon job!! a work of love! see picture below! the drilled holes make it look more in keeping with the current parts on the bike!

After making ravioli with wild mushrooms for dinner we headed off to the country music festival! It was great, there were country and bluegrass bands from all over Europe playing there! a great atmosphere, beer, food and dancing! great stuff!

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