Erupoe Trip Day 9

I woke up to rain, rain ,rain. Not pleasant. I had to vacate the campsite by 11 am in order not to be charged for another night! I was awake at 10am and wasn’t looking forward to the prospect of taking the tent down in the rain in full bike leathers and boots and getting wet in the process!
i looked around at the other campers who were doing exactly that (minus the bike leathers!) all struggling with umbrellas trying to stay dry whilst packing theirs tents!

I went for a quick shower and went for it! i packed the tent in the rain and packed all my belongings onto the bike and headed off to The Kehlsteinhaus or Eagles Nest.


The Eagles Nest is a roof top tea house, built by the Nazi party for Hitler’s 50th birthday. 1834M high & completed in just 13 months.

You reach it by traveling on a road 12ft wide, which twists, turns and hairpins up the mountain!
these days the road is closed to the public, you have to purchase a ticket and travel by bus to the top, 4 buses drive up simultaneously, 4 buses drive down simultaneously. There is no room for over taking and with the amount of tourists that visit the eagles nest every day you can see why they have closed the road to the public!
I reached the parking area at the top and then had to walk through a tunnel to make the final ascent. at the end of the tunnel is an elevator,( so grand in it’s decor, polished brass and mirrors, multiple lights in the ceiling, very plush) which one enters for the final ride up! At the top you exit the lift into a stone walled lobby and then out to see the amazing views from the top of the mountain! The Eagles Nest is now used as a restaurant and tourist facility. It was saved demolition by the Allies after the war as the local mayor of the area pleaded for it not be destroyed due to the fact that Hitler did not visit it much.
Inside there is a huge marble fire place which was given to Hitler by Mussolini, which was vandalised by soldiers when the Eagles Nest was captured. The soldiers broke off pieces of the marble to take home as souvenirs and etched their names into the fireplace as testament to their being there. ( see pic below)

I left after an hour or so of looking around and took a ride down the main mountain in the bus! when i left it was sunny! when i got to the bottom it was raining!!!
I waited for the rain to stop and went on my way to Regensburg to stay with my cousins!
The ride down out of the mountains was a lush as the ride up! i stopped to take a picture of the stream you can see in the picture below. the Water was a pure ice blue colour. I have never seen water so blue and……lush!

I rode on to Regensburg. When i was around 60km away from R. i decided to come off the motorway and take the country roads in to town! I arrived at around 7.30pm and was welcomed in by Christian and a nice cold beer!!

ETD #9 – 398km

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