Europe Trip Day 8

I woke up early with no hangover & looked at the weather for mainland Europe. It wasn’t looking good for the original plan so i had to bring things forward a day. I made preparations to leave by getting the bike ready with all the panniers and bags strapped on.
i told Stu of my plans and he was in agreement about the weather, we had lunch and i saddled up and left at around 1.30pm to Austria via Slovakia!
I had to fill up with petrol pretty quickly and then i was on my way.

After riding the bumpy road to Brno i headed due south to Slovakia (country #7) and then turned right along the highway after some 129km into Austria (country#8) and into landscape like the picture below!! lush, no other word for it, the best ride so far! lovely roads and views. so nice, so impressive, absolutely breathtaking!

I rode pretty much all day through Austria. The roads are lovely, spacious and made for motorbikes! I stopped for fuel and food only. I arrived at the lake in Attersee around 8 ish and made my way through the lovely beautiful villages which hug the shoreline of the lake and arrived at the campsite at 8.30 ish and set up the tent straight away, which was quite lucky as within 10 minutes of it being up the rain came down. and rained ALL NIGHT LONG!

ETD 8 – 502km

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