Taxis, Tarmac & Tooley Street

Thursday 25th November. I left work at 14:58hrs and by 15:00hrs I was being rammed off the road by a London taxi driver. The said taxi decided to do a U-turn without looking and took me clean out as I was riding past.
The bonnet of the taxi made contact with the right hand side of my body and bike, the crash pushed me to the left and threw me from the bike to the road, landing on my right side facing the opposite direction from which I started.
The bike landed on it’s left side making contact with the road, so it was damaged both sides.
Seconds later i realised a massive pain in my right leg and did not know if it was broken or not.
I soon had many amazing people asking if I was OK and if I needed help.
I of course, gladly accepted the help and asked for an ambulance to be called because of the pain in my leg. I also asked a man if he would take pictures of the bike and scene for insurance purposes, which he kindly did.
The said taxi driver was apologetic and kept asking me if I was alright? (Alright?Alright? Bloody Alright? Of course I was not alright!!! idiot.)
(Looking back I can laugh about it, but at the time, I was a little far from alright.)
Some amazing people gave me their numbers to act as witnesses for insurance purposes – thank you –
I called my boss to let him know I would not be at work the next day & he came up and wheeled my bike away from the crash scene and put it in the loading bay at work – thank you –
the Ambulance men were patient with the patient as I tried to arrange for someone to pick up my daughter from school! -thank you-
The hospital staff were adequate, the first doctor wheeled my leg straight into a chair and my quip about him needing glasses was not received well.
I went in at 15:30hrs and left at 18:30hrs with my brother who came to help me & hobbled with the crutches to the bus stop to catch a bus to Waterloo, where i met my other brother and caught the tube home with them, happy to be alive.

Since then my recovery has been slow. My foot and leg have been badly bruised, no breakages thank goodness! Although I can not walk on my right foot very well at all. I can not place my heel down as it hurts too much and if I walk I get pain in my calf muscle due to the strain on the foot.

So for now it’s wait and rest and sleep.

My bike is now at BMW Battersea being check over awaiting damage report.

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