Cheeky theiving bastards…

So last Thursday 13/01/2011 my bike was stolen. i opened my front door and immediately in front of me was the dustbin, (presumably to block the door should anyone come out whilst they were busy stealing the bike.) which i thought was strange it should be there. I then looked up and my bike wasn’t there. which was also strange as i parked it there the night before. it slowly dawned on me why the bin was by the front door and that my bike had been stolen.
i promptly called the police and reported the crime, changed my clothes and caught the tube to work, arriving an hour late due to the theft.
i called the insurance company from work and reported the theft, i was told the wheels of progress will start to turn and carry on as normal.
during the day a good friend contacted me and offered the use of his XT 600 until my insurance paid out, which i thankfully took up.
i collected the XT after work and rode home, locked it up and covered it.
whilst doing this and talking with my neighbour about the theft two policemen approached the house and asked if i was the one who had a bike stolen. i confirmed i was the one, and cheekily asked if they had found the bike yet!? to which they replied YES!!!!! what luck?!
it turns out that my bike had been stolen during the night and taken an mile or so away to the Caledonian road area, to a small housing estate down a winding road.
the thieves had also covered it over so it would look as if it was just naturally there.
luckily for me, a local resident saw and heard the punks doing this and called the police.
Thank you mystery person, my gratitude to you is eternal.

my bike covered over by the thieves.

So now I have my bike back and just need to replace the ignition barrel to fix it up.
all i need now is a dry day to do this…..and a powerful drill!!

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