Autobahn, service stations & clouds

So 18 hours or so after leaving London & 675+ miles later I’ve finally arrived in Regensburg!

All went well after I rolled off the ferry, I made my way through France & into Belgium when the charging unit for my sat nav failed, the remaining battery ran out suddenly & I ended up going in the wrong direction for half an hour! I had to get a real map out & find my way out of where I was!
I eventually did & was on the right road not long after.
Then the day rolled into the fun of riding the German Autobahn, or Bundesautobahn to give it it‘s official title.
The Bundesautobahn are a superb network of beautifully smooth tarmac roads that interconnect seamlessly. They are maintained extremely well & the service stations that line them every 30km or so are a compliment compared to our English counterparts.
The food offer is extensive, fresh & regional, with the occasional burger king & macy d’s thrown in for good measure.

I stopped more times for motion potion today than I care to remember, but I was happy for the rest time & decided to take the bike apart a bit to find why the charging unit for the sat nav had failed. A few wires pulled at here and there & soon I found the problem. It turned out to be a dodgy fuse, not snapped or broken but loose inside!
I put the panniers back on the bike & then lay down on the grass for a rest & fell asleep for an hour! I woke up wondering where i was but quickly remembered!
I then cracked on with the journey & could relax & just get on with eating the km’s & not worry about having to look at a map every time a junction/exit came along!

I arrived at one petrol station to see a fellow biker being given a ticket by the police for his exhaust pipe. it was too loud apparently! poor guy! He was in a patch club! Part of the Kingz MC!

still, that was my last fuel stop and I only had another 150km to Regensburg! The last push was dark & cold, I put on my high-vis vest on and turned on the auxiliary lights which light up the road beautifully & rode on!
Arriving in Regensburg at 10.30 pm, I had some food a shower & finally at 3 in the morning…..sleep!

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