Goodbye for now England, Hell France & Continental Europe!

From the white cliffs of Dover

Welcome all to the first post! I’ve ridden down from London & am currently on the ferry to France. The roads down from London to Dover were clear & smooth!

The bike is running fine with no issues to report!

I’m using a gps tracker application to trace my route across Europe & if I work out how to place the route on a map I’ll share it on here!

When I was waiting to board the ferry I dropped my gloves on the floor & did not realise! I soon did when I got off the bike & asked the ferry man if they could find them but they were no where to be seen…..but it turns out a lovely couple saw me drop them and picked them up! They just found me on the bike & returned them to me! How awesome is that? Bloody great if you ask me!

I’m sat out side on the deck of the ferry & can see the white cliffs of

Dover in the distance behind me & the lights of Calais, France on the horizon ahead. There is an eclectic bunch of people aboard the ferry from families to couples, scouts, girl guides & truckers, people going on holiday & people going home, a few other bikers & me!

The sun is slowly coming up and shedding it’s morning light upon the glorious English channel. There are oil tankers & boats of al shapes and sizes going past in the busiest shipping channel in the world!

The Channel is pretty calm today; the crossing is smooth albeit with a gentle rocking motion!!

Right that’s enough for now! Catch ya later guys!


To the coast of France

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