Day 2, 3 & 4

The Hollow Tree!

Day 2; After the ride to Regensburg we took it easy the next day & went to a nice restaurant, the guys went on bicycle, I went on my motorbike! The whole day was a lazy Sunday, finished with a nice dinner to boot!

Day 3: We went to Kletterworld. A tree top adventure ground where they have obstacles high up in trees. The object is to make your way around the obstacles & try not to fall off! If you do happen to slip or loose your grip you have the safety of the harness to catch you!
It was alot of fun, but very tiring! Roland and I made our way back through the forest on the motorbike.
Day 4: The guys left early on the bicycles & rode to the lake. I however, once again, went on the motorbike with my cousin Jacob on the back. we went to visit Walhalla. It is a hall of fame that honors laudable and distinguished Germans.

We stayed around for a while & then visited a ruined castle & rode right up into it through the drawbridge!! Quality!

We then went to the lake & had a lovely day sun bathing, swimming & riding my motorbike on the gravel roads & through the water puddles & generally making it very dirty indeed!!

The lake was absolutely lush, the water was tempting me in all day, and after mowing the lawn of the people next to us I waited for the clouds move away from the sun & then jumped right in without hesitation! Awesome! So much fun! The water was warm, the sun was shining. Good times!

The ride back from the lake was lush! for once I rode with just jeans and a t-shirt! so so hot

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