Alex & Bobby’s house

down & talked to Alex, Christian & my brothers & wandered around the house. It truly is lovely!
So today we all went in the cars to Alex & Bobby’s house which is in Dönning, Rimbach.

The house & grounds are beautiful. There has a been a house on the site for 800 years.
The current house is hundreds of years old in places & has been modernism in others. However, it has kept it’s character in such a sweet sweet way.

We drove over through the Bavarian forest & arrived around 2pm.
We wandered around & had tea & cake ( a sweet home made apple & almond sponge cake) & then talked, explored the barn & grounds, found baby frogs & fed the horses!

Later on, before dinner it was tractor time!! Myself, Elliot & Roland took the green godess out and around the woods for a drive! My brothers loved it as did I. It is so much fun to driving a tractor through bumpy woods & green fields.

After we were back it was time to roll out the pizza dough, make them up, & cook them in the stone, wood fired oven Alex built in his garden. He built the oven 3 years ago & uses it for baking bread & cooking pizza! It is a work of art. the temperature was 600c inside, so we had to wait for it to cool down to around 400c to cook the pizza.

I was nominated to make up the pizzas for everyone & Alex put them in the oven with the long metal spatula!!
after 15 people, I finally had my chance to make mine & put it in the oven myself! It was awesome to do it from start to finish!! It was cooked to perfection & it tasted amazing!

It was a great day all round!
We are back in Regensburg now.
It’s my last day here as tomorrow I leave for the Czech Republic & Dolany to see Stu & Jitka.
I plan on leaving around 8 am……….ha ha ha!
let’s see if i get up!!
If i leave early i’ll go via the forest & cut cross country through the Czech Republic 🙂
If i get up late it’s motorway all the way 😦

ok dudes, bed time for me!!

all videos to follow!

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