Germany, Czech & Police

I left Regensburg around 9.30-10am and headed through the Bavarian Forest towards the German Czech Boarder. The weather was ok, overcast but not raining! After making a wrong turn I eventually made it to the boarder, time so far….90 minutes. I passed through uneventfully out of Germany & into the Czech Republic! After a few km’s into Czech I turned right & headed for the countryside. The road surface for the first 20km’s was horrible, so much so I was thinking of changing routes and heading for the motorway, but I stuck with it & rolled on through the villages, passing lakes, meadows & pastures green.

The traffic was light if any in places & after 50km’s of twisting turning roads I was into my ride. I was master of the corners, gliding the bike around the smooth bends, looking ahead for hazards, tucking in for the long down hills & just as long up hills. The weather improved & the sun shone through eventually, so the roads were sticky & seemed like they were all for me.

The Czech countryside is just as quaint & peaceful as England’s (if not quieter) & reminded me a lot of the Meon Valley in Hampshire, though the villages change slightly they remain essentially the same in their format, always a village green, a small square, village hall & pub & shops. The towns I came across were busy & full of life. As I was leaving one town, I came a cropper of the law. I was going up a hill & had a line of traffic in front of me & a clear oncoming road & crossed the solid white line to overtake & was unfortunately seen by the police who promptly pulled me in for a word. I instantly broke the ice with my English accent & language & apologised for going over the white line, them replied by asking me for my papers. I showed them my insurance; log book. M.O.T., driving licence & passport. They were both puzzled; I tried to explain as best I could what each was for but I think I bemused them more.

They went away for a while then came back, (they spoke little English, & when they did speak, I had the feeling that they were wanting a pay off) & asked me if I had Czech money, to which I replied ‘no’. They then asked if I had any Euro’s to which I also replied ‘no’.

I asked them ‘was I being fined or bribed?’ They looked at each other & then one of them said I could go, and ‘not to cross line again’.

I said thank you and went on my way, rolling thunder through the Czech Republic.

After a fuel stop & a rest at a busy cross roads I headed further East in a almost direct line for Belkovice-Lastany/Dolony to the tune of Steppenwolf ‘Born To Be Wild’ in my head phones!!

It wasn’t long after that my sat nav took me down a road where the bridge had been taken away , so I head back & found a different route, straight into a police road block. I wondered why some cars ahead of me had stopped & were turning around to go back in the direction they came. I rode on through as I had no choice but to go straight ahead for my route & was stopped by the police…..again!

The officer flagged down, waived me in & gestured to me to wait as he was dealing with someone else. I took the opportunity to take off my waterproof trousers, as it was getting hot by now. I waited for around 10 minutes & filmed decided to myself & them. Eventually one of them came over & asked me for my passport. I asked him why I was being stopped………& he told me to…………..yep, you guessed it……………….. wait!!! So wait I did, then another one came over & asked me if I spoke Czech, I said ‘no, he asked me if I spoke German, I said ‘no’ & pointed towards my registration plate….’English’……he told me to…….yep, right again………wait!

So I hung around, getting hotter in my leathers & Jacket when they came over gave me my passport back & told me to go. I didn’t need to be told twice, so I thanked them for wasting my time & got my bounce on.

The weather just kept getting better & better. I switched helmets to the open face at my last fuel stop, put on the sunglasses & rode like the wind to Stu’s.

It wasn’t long before I was there & had a beer in hand, feeling well, but tired after a long days riding.

I pitched my tent in the garden & set up home for the next few days next to the lake/pond……probably lake!! Those who have been there can decide!

We went to Makro to get some food for the next day, went back to Stu’s and had perogies & beer for dinner!

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