Back to Blighty

Goodbye France!

Waiting for the ferry!

On the ferry!

I awoke nice and early, had some breakfast, packed the bike & checked out of the hotel & made my way into & through Merzig & onto the motorway. The weather selection of the day was of course rain!! Nice to have a change eh?!!!

By this point I had decided to end my road trip early & head for home. I’m tired of being rained on & the sat nav not working properly. No point in riding if your not having fun.

I rode out of Germany & into Luxembourg & headed for Calais past many many miles of motorway, accidents & hold ups, I stopped for fuel a few times & ate more miles on more familiar roads. After 5 hours of riding I made it to the ferry terminal at Calais & had to pay £15 to board the ferry 4 days earlier than planned. No problem!

Whilst waiting for the ferry I met a load of other bikers who had also finished their tours for this year. All with similar stories of lovely roads traveled, places seen & of course rain!! Although by now the sun had come out and the temperature was rising!

So now I’m on the ferry home. I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight, and not having to ride in the rain each day!

Hello England!!

All I have to do is ride back to riot ridden London which will take an hour or so! I’m looking forward to seeing the old girl again!

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