Czech, Slovakia, Austria

Sunshine, rain & more rain. That was the long and short of my day.

I woke early and packed my tent, put my things on the bike & said my goodbyes to Stu, jitka & lily. I rolled out of Belkovice-Lastany & on towards Olomouc.

I picked up the road to Brno & the sun was shining. I passed through into Slovakia, past Bratislava & into Austria, stopping at the boarder this year to get my motorway toll pass. I didn’t want to get fined again for not having it!

The sun was really shining by now & the temperature was soaring. I rode for a few hours in delightful weather, then it made a turn for the worst.

The clouds grew darker, the temperature dropped & the heavens opened on me.

It stayed this way for the rest of the day. I stopped to get fuel & have some food & to make things worse the sat nav failed on me, leaving me some 40kms short of the campsite & in a bit of a mess as to what to do next.

I trundled on past the high mountains & lush green hills of Austria. Time was ticking away and it was getting darker by the hour, I tried to ask people where the campsite I was going to was, but ended up more lost than when I started, eventually I saw a sign for Salzburg & headed for it.

Passing through the misty valleys in rain sodden clothes I stumbled across a campsite & pulled in. I asked for a space to camp for the night & was welcomed with open arms. I pitched my tent & just like last year, it started to rain again. My dreams of riding through a sunshine filled Austria were dashed again. Once the rain comes into the mountains it hangs around like a bad smell & only drifts away when the winds come in to blow them away.

The campsite had a bar with food so I took full advantage & had two pints of Weisse beer & a classic margarita pizza!! It also had the internet, so at least I could see where I was now!!

I mapped a route for the next day deciding to head for Luxembourg.

After the beer I head toward my tent in the rain & bedded down for the night.

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