Enrouté to Scotland!

This is NOT a motorbike entry as its a touch cold for a long ride at the moment. None the less, it’s a DIY adventure! 

So, I finished work at 2pm and rode home, put the bike in the garage, changed clothes, and jumped in my pals camper van and left London for Scotland! 

We are currently on the A1M just south of Scotch Corner, soon to be turning off to the A66 to the M6 then on to A74M to Glasgow where we will head into the highlands & Loch Lomond and maybe camp for the night. 

Tomorrow we are heading for Ardnamurchan to leave the van parked up and will hike into the woods and wild camp for the night in hammocks! 

The drive so far has been effortless and the traffic not to bad. It’s just tailed off and is sparse now. Empty roads and 300 more blacktop miles to eat. Around 6.3 hours of driving left to Ardnamurchan, but maybe only 3 hours more driving tonight.  


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