500 miles home.

We woke up around 9am and slowly packed up camp and made sure we left no trace other than the ring of stone for the fire.

The long walk back to the parking lot where the van was started off the through the forest this time leaving the beach behind us.

The forest floor was mossy and muddy as we followed the recent tracks of a tractor through the trees and heather out to the gravel track. After passing the main gate of the estates woods we followed the path around the edges of the bay stopping at the beige to drink the fresh mountain river water. It tasted crystal so smooth and crisp. Some of the nicest water I’ve ever had the pleasure to drink.

So eventually we found ourselves back at the wooden bridge and back at the camper van where we eased our burdens of the back packs and extra layers, fired up the engine and started the journey home to London.

500 miles to go.

We left the car park with the intention of driving to the most westerly point in the UK but soon after taking the turning and realising the road was single track and an average speed of 20 mph all the way because of the cold conditions and contours of the road we soon made the decision to turn back due to a lack of time and we would be really late getting home. Next time.

So we made our way back to the ferry to take us back off the penisular and on towards Glen Coe and the roads out of the highlands.
Listening to the audio book ‘The Knowledge’ enroute back to London through the snow covered Glens and Over the Peninnes and Yorkshire dales we listened how to start the world again, should society collapse we now have the knowledge to start the world again!

We have around four and a half hours back to London now. 245 miles to go.

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