Michelin Anakee Wild! 

So after 17000 odd miles in 10 months I’m on my 6th set of tyres on my BMW R1200  GS Adventure. This time around I’m using the Michelin Anake Wild, and I think it’s fair to say they are the best dual sport tyre I have tried yet, and possibly the best out there on the market.

I recently rode up to the Peak District with the BMW R1200 GS Adventure and friends Facebook group with the tyres freshly fitted to the bike.

I left London and rode up the M1 with the other guys and wore the tyres in gently all the way up to Matlock.

There we road on Tarmac and some off road gravel tracks and I have to say I’m really happy with the performance of the tyres.

The way the tread pattern curves around the tyre makes it more stable and smoother for road handling and cornering. You don’t get the bumpy feeling when you bank in for a turn as you do with the k6o’s or TKC 80’s. It’s so much smoother.

I also road the bike off road on a gravel track, through the loose gravel and some mud and the tyres performed brilliantly.

I felt they were very stable and the tread worked really well on the loose gravel and rough ground.

They can be a bit noisy when riding on the road, around the 50/60/70 mph mark, that also depended on the kind of surface too. Smooth Tarmac was less noisy.  They are quieter than the k60’s & TKC 80’s, they have a different kind of resonance all together. Almost like a wolf howling!

I don’t think you’ll ever find a quiet dual sport 50/50 tyre. So if you’re after a peaceful ride from your tyres then I would suggest the Michelin Pilot 4. They are amazing tyres.

However, if you are after a tyre you can ride on the road and take off road at the drop of a hat into that gravel path, river crossing or green lane then I would throughly recommend the Michelin Anakee Wild.

I think after 6 sets of tyres I have found an off road and road tyre I am happy with and will stick with going into the future!

For pure road riding it’s the Pilot 4 everyday of the week, hands down, no choice.

For on and off road it’s the Anakee Wild!

My previous tyres were:

1 pair of  Michelin Anakee 3 (Great grip and performance in dry and wet)

2 pairs of Heidenau scout k60’s (great grip on a dry road, not so much in the wet. Very bumpy ride though and noisy noisy tyres

1 pair of Michelin Pilot 4 (Amazing handling, performance and stopping grip in both wet and dry, smooth ride and great confidence)

1 pair of Continental TKC 80’s (great in the dry, less bumby than the k60 scouts and just as bad in the rain. Less noisy than the scout.

Rating 10/10

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