Riding in the Bavarian Forest !

Today I had the pleasure of riding my cousins husbands BMW R1200 GS through the Bavrian forest for the afternoon!

I’m here with my daughter on holiday visiting my cousin and her family in Regensburg.  It’s my 5th time over here and each time I come I look forward to having a ride through the Bavarian forest.

Today we went to a dry toboggan hill run/family park in St Englmar. It’s a fantastic place for the kids to have fun….and for the adults too!

They have two different graded dry toboggan runs, both of which are designed to be ridden without having to apply the brakes if you can handle the G force you get in the bends!

It’s great fun, and the ride there is just as much fun and twice as beautiful! I headed eastbound out of Regensberg with my cousin Joseph riding pillion on the BMW GS 1200 and into the Bavarian Forest!

The roads are smooth lefts, sweeping hill climbs and decents, curvaceous rights that dip into sudden lefts through thick forest either side, then suddenly your out into a wide open space that seems to goes on for ever, but before you know it, you’re into another right another left and it just keeps going!

All around are tracks that go off into the forest actual which I would have dearly loved to take the bike into and are begging to be ridden, but having a pillion and the wrong tyres and a destination to be at, it just wasn’t the right time to go off the beaten track!

The roads are well maintained. All the man hole covers/drain covers are round, and the centre is concreted over so you don’t loose traction when cornering. (why we don’t have that kind of “tech” in the UK is beyond me)

The forest is all set up to make it some of the most perfect roads a biker can ride, it’s great in Spring and even better in summer!
Get here if you can!

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