3 Months to go!

In three months time I’ll be collecting my motorcycle from the Halifax Docks in Nova Scotia, Canada and starting my 6 week long, solo road trip around the North American Continent!

I have decided to start in Canada on the east coast as it’s an area I’ve always wanted to see and one of the  province’s I’ve not been to yet!

From there I intend to ride down to New York City, then across to the White House, then down through the Virginia mountains, down to New Orleans, across to Houston & Austin in Texas, up in to the Grand Canyon and the desserts of Arizona & Utah, in to California, up the Pacific Highway to San Francisco and into Canada via Vancouver, across the Rockies to friends in Saskatoon, down to Deadwood South Dakota, then along into Chicago & Detroit, back into Canada to Toronto, hopefully with enough time to visit Montreal & then head back to New York, NY after roughly 40 days & 10000 miles to ship the motorcycle back home again.

It’s a pretty big trip to do alone and in such a short space of time. The distance I’ll be travelling alone is staggering for my head to comprehend. I have to travel a minimum of 250 miles a day in order to make it back to New York in time to send the bike home from the docks and catch my flight at the airport! Both of which have not been booked yet as I have no idea when that date will be. I have a deadline when I need to be back at work, 5th September, so I guess I’m counting back from then.

That’s my biggest worry at the moment, how & when I send the bike home but I’m sure like most things it will turn out to be fine and I’m doing all this worrying for nothing!

There are so many things to get in place before I leave. At the moment the bike is having its 18000 mile service at BMW Motorrad Park Lane. The guys and gals there are making it ready for the trip, giving her a good look over and checking she’s fine for the journey ahead.

When I reach Los Angeles the bike will  need the 24000 miles service and I’ve asked BMW Motorrad Long Beach, LA California to help me there, which they have agreed to!

I’ve got to write a temporary importation document, get insurance for the bike, for me and for shipping! So much to do and time is ticking away!

I’ve tried planning routes for each days ride, but at the moment I have no idea how much ground I’m going to cover daily, sometimes it may be 8 hours of riding, other days more and other days less. I can only plan loosely at the moment for what’s ahead, until I’m actually there doing the ride day in day out!

I can not wait to go!

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