Happy 1st Birthday Bike! 

My bike is celebrating its first birthday!

A year ago today I picked her up from BMW Motorrad Park Lane, London, & since then we have covered 18551 miles together across England, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Italy, Monacco, Spain, The Pyrenees, The French, Swiss & Austrian Alps, the south of Wales wth my pal Lloyd and new my pal Erwin, the whole coast of Scotland with Lloyd, all over the South East of England, to work and back everyday, the Peak District with the BMW UK Adventure riders & Friends where I made new friends and riding buddies like Simon, Dom, George, Barry, Ken, Ian & more, I’ve ridden it around Thetford Forest in Norfolk with the Adventure Bike Trail Riding guys where I met the legends Chris & Mark.

Owning this bike has opened up doors I didn’t know where there, it has given me the chance to ride anywhere I want to with ease, comfort and confidence knowing I’m going to arrive safe and sound. It’s let me realise dreams I’ve always wanted to do with regard to European travel and in this August traveling across the USA & Canada!

It’s started conversations that have led to friendships that would otherwise never have occurred.

It’s not just a bike that’s a year old. It’s not “just a bike”, it’s a bike that brings people together, that helps people, that like its owner, has a sense of adventure, and loves the open road.

It has been a year of the most unexpected fun and smiles I’ve ever had from a bike and there is no reason why it should ever get dull. It’s a bike for life. It’s my bike.

Happy birthday Albert x

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