Wild Camping across the USA & Canada!

Well in just under two months I’m off on my Journey around the USA & Canada, just me, my motorbike and my hammock!

I plan on wild/stealth camping where I end up at the end of each day, throwing my hammock between two trees and kip down for the night where ever that may be.

I have always thought that hotels are over priced and this trip is going to be expensive at best and I’m going to try and make it as economical as possible by wild camping along the way to keep my costs down.

When I bought my GSA last year, I went for a ride around Germany, Italy & France without any real plan, especially for where I was going to sleep at night. I had my tent, and a few hours before sunset each day I would start to look for a campsite or place to pitch my tent along the roadside. I used campsites for the first two nights, then one night I pitched up at a motorway services near the truck stop on a patch of grass with no problems at all, and on the remainder of the nights I would ride until I was tired and just threw my blanket and sleeping bag over a bench at rest stops or friendly petrol stations along the highways to sleep until morning.

I’ve also gone for rides here in England and Scotland & Wales with a pal of mine and we have used Hennesy Hammocks to wild camp at night instead of paying for overpriced campsites. 

It’s easy to sling a hammock between two trees and so far I’ve have had no problem at all.

The first few times are a bit scary and you find yourself jumping at the crack of a branch or sudden unexpected noises nearby, but then after a few times of doing it you find that there is nothing to be scared of. No one is out looking for people camping in the woods at night because ‘they’ are scared of bumping into people that may be camping out in the woods at night. As long as you tuck yourself out of the way of any eagle eyed folk and passing traffic you should be fine. I’ve once had a dog sniff past me, and once been caught by the land owner, but he was very happy to find me and was actually turning the land into a spot for bikers and cyclist to wild camp in!

Really you should never trespass on private land, but at times you may not have any choice and no matter how wild it looks it may belong to someone who might not like you being there.

But that’s what happens If you don’t get up early enough in the morning to pick up camp and leave no trace.

That’s the best part about it. Leaving no trace. Taking everything with you. Leaving the ground as you found it, being at one with nature.

Some countries like the Nordics, Scotland & Estonia have an “every man right” or “freedom to roam” where you can make camp on public uncultivated land anywhere for one night, The USA has a recreation use statutes “to encourage landowners to open their land to hiking,hunting, fishing & etc”,

Maybe if I’m stuck I can ask the local people to help me out and recommend a spot to camp, I like to believe in the kindness of people and have a good feeling about this whole trip. I think I’m going to have the time of my life!

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