Clearwater ‘Erica’ lights 

So, I’ve finally had my Clearwater ‘Erica’ fog lamps fitted to my BMW R1200 Adventure!

Firstly I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Glenn at Clearwater lights, California, for his help with the cost of the lights.

These lights truly are amazing. Really amazing.

Last night I tested them out on the roads around where I live in London and out in the countryside for darker roads to see how they work compared to the OEM lights on the bike, and I have to say after having the Erica’s on and then turning them off you feel naked without them. The difference they make to the visibility of the riders point of view and the visibility of your bike coming towards oncoming traffic is second to none.

Quite literally they turn night into DAY.

I’ve never been flashed by so many car drivers telling my lights are too bright! Ha ha! You see me now hey??

The lights are fully adjustable and come with a whole host of settings that can be easily programmed using a combination of the wonder wheel, turn signal control and brake lever.

They can be set between 1-10 in different stages of the lights power. They can be set to strobe when the horn is pressed or hazard lights are turned and can be used in conjunction with the bikes big beam too.

It connects to the canbus system and comes with all the wiring needed and relays as you would expect.

All in all it took around 45mins to fit at a cost of £60 by the  Clearwater UK Distributor.

That’s £60 well spent to have them professionally fitted by guys that make La Mans race cars from scratch!

I’m really looking forward to using them daily and am very happy to have them on my bike!

Rating 10/10

Get them here!!!

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