One month to go! 

It’s only one month to go until my road trip across Canada and The USA.

I’ve just fitted my Clearwater lights and have tested them out and feel much more confident of riding at night time now. I’ve got all the things in place from bike insurance to temporary importation  documents, to personal health insurance!

There has been so much to think about about and get done and now I’m ready, ready for the ride of my life… far!

My bike is ready and roaring to eat thousands of miles of blacktop and gravel, ready to be ridden for a few hundred miles every day for a month and a bit, ready to see Canada and the USA!

I’m ready to put it through a month and a bit of hard riding, ready to cover the continent and discover all it has to offer, ready to go it alone and be a man who makes a difference to people’s lives along the way in whatever way I can. One man can make a difference, and I’m ready to be that man.

Looking forward to seeing you North America! 🙂

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