Ride Magazine Photo Shoot!!

A few months ago I called the Editor of RIDE and asked him if he would like to cover my trans Canada/USA adventure in the magazine. After a bit of thought he called me back and to my surprise and delight he said YES!!

Being an avid reader of motorcycle magazines over the years and having read of other people’s travels and adventures on their motorcycle I had the thought that maybe people might like to hear about my up and coming adventure!

My motorcycle adventure is based around a life long dream of riding across the United States of America! Specifically to see the West and East Mittens Buttes in Utah, the deserts and arid lands surrounding the four corners (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico & Colorado)

Since the initial conception of my plan it’s changed drastically to a trans American loop starting from Halifax in Canada and ending in New York City after completing a loop of the North American continent! I figure on doing around 12000 miles in 30/40 days. 

To be featured in a magazine will be pretty awesome and it will be great publicity for this blog, and maybe for me too!

Perhaps someone might like the cut of my jib and my get up and go attitude and offer me some work promoting motorcycle adventures!

That’s the dream anyway!

Let’s see!!

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