Day 3. Montréal. Rest and reorganise day. 

No big miles today.

I woke up early to move my bike as there was road construction going on. I came back to the apartment and started to call and email people about cancelling flights, looking into new ones, rearranging the shipping of the bike back from Halifax, and the bikes 24000 mile service.

It was not what I wanted to be doing. I wanted to be riding in the USA! But needs must.

I reassessed things and looked into what Canada has to offer me. Lots and lots.

My plan, basic and simple is to see as much of Canada as I can whilst I’m here with the time I have available to me.

I took a ride down to BMW Motorrad Montreal and decided to get a another USB charging adaptor fitted direct to the battery as my hella USB adapter had failed on me. This way it would work every time without fail. The staff were amazing and the President of BMW Mottorad Montreal himself came down to see me personally and took some photographs of us together and of my bike and talk about my trip.

The showroom there is amazing. The best one I’ve ever seen equipped for accessories and clothing. It’s a one stop shop for all you need. I have to give them a BIG thank you for fitting me in so quickly.

I had yummy vegetarian salads for lunch with the friend I was staying with and we rode to the Montreal formula 1 race track! You can actually ride, drive or cycle around it for free at anytime of day or night!! How cool is that! Only the hairpin was closed off for motor vehicles. On the way back I’ll stop at Montreal again on the way home and video the track!

We had a beer at the old flour silo

industrial Area (5 roses?) and then went back to the apartment. I planed my route, then later we went out to see the fireworks!

During the summer Montreal has an international firework display competition whee different countries battle it out for the best display! I think it was Sweden we watched. They were pretty good. The view of Montreal at night was even better though.

We went to a vantage point high above the city with hundreds of other people to watch the fireworks and see the city at night.

We even saw a Racoon bold as brass checking the litter bin for waste food! He wasn’t scared in the slightest!

After the fireworks we rode back to the apartment, had some beers and some amazing home cooked vegetable lasagne from home grown vegetables.

Staying healthy on the road isn’t easy, so a home cooked meal is always appreciated!

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