Day 4. Montréal to Roland lake

I left the comfort of the sofa & apartment in Montreal for the open road once again around 11am and headed for the west.

It took a while to get out of Montreal but eventually I hit the highway and good weather. 29c was the high for the day.

I rode about 100 miles on the highway out of Quebec and into Ontario passing Ottawa without visiting it…..this time around…..maybe on the way back.

I then set the satnav for curvy roads as doing straight line riding is boring and bad for the tyres at the best of times and it’s not what I’m here for. I can ride highways at home.

I took a right and headed north and eventually strangely back into Quebec. It’s funny. Everyone speaks French!! It’s like being in France but without the attitude!

I found what I was looking for. Curvy roads, sweeping bends and twisting roads through lakes and reservoirs past forests and holiday homes in the middle of nowhere.

I stopped for some lunch (crisps, a granola bar and water) at a petrol station in the heat of the afternoon and ducked in the shade for a little rest. But soon enough I was on the road again. Keeping the speed to around 100kph and lapping up the scenery. The roads at times were steep inclines, long stretches and bends for days around the lakes.

I stopped for some well earned dinner at a  town I passed through and a sweet orange wheat beer.

I rode on again for miles and miles and the sun was starting to set in the Sky infront of me, I started looking for a place to set up camp for the night.

Eventually around 9pm I found a place next to Roland Lake! It was a sweet spot and a few other people were camping out in RV’s having fires and chilling out, so I set up my hammock and settled in for the night….or so I thought. Around 1am I woke up feeling cold and then I started to get worried about bears and wolves, so instead of being eaten alive I packed up camp and ride on again!!

Night riding in the wilds of Canada is amazing and my Clearwater lights really came into their territory. The road was lit up in front of me for a mile ahead which made riding a night a whole lot safer. I switched between the Clearwater lights and the bikes OEM ones and the difference is staggering, so much so that if I didn’t have the lights I would not have ridden at night. There are too many wild animals that can run out in you in the place like this and forward vision at night is a huge bonus and the Clearwater lights certainly give you the confidence to make good progress.

My petrol was starting to get low and soon enough I had to stop and use my spare petrol can I carry with me. That gave me just enough motion potion to get to the next town in the dead of night and find a place to fill up again.

I rode on again through the town of Val-d’Or and eventually found a bench at closed service station to bed down on for the night.

It was noisy but safe from bears!

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