Day 6. Lake Klotz, Ontario to Falcon Lake, Manitoba!

I woke up from a disturbed nights sleep and packed up camp.

Headed over to the shower block and washed up. It felt good to clean up, and before long I said my goodbyes and headed out west towards the open road.

After only a few miles I saw a really bad accident involving two girls from Quebec

They were lucky to be alive. Their car flipped off the road and turned over. They lived-their cat died. I stopped to see if I could help with first aid, but there were people there already helping them out and the emergency services were on there way. I left, wishing them the best and carried on west.

I had a good breakfast a few miles along the road in Longlac. Eggs Benedict and lots of coffee.

On the road again,

I heeded Richards warning from the night before about the traffic cops just out of Longlac and kept it at 90kmph and sure enough in the distance, at the tip of the rise you could see the Five-O waiting with his “radar gun, radar gun, I’m making money and I’m having fun with my radar gun, radar gun!”

I passed him coolly, but I was too different for him not to be curious! As soon as I passed, he pulled out and stuck behind me at a safe distance for around 5miles!

I was trying to work out if he was going to pull me over or not, then he went for the overtake and rumbled past me into the distance.

I let all the trucks and cars pass me again and sure enough a few miles on I saw the Five-O again at the next town with his  “radar gun, radar gun, I’m making money and I’m having fun with my radar gun, radar gun!” He knew I was too cool to worry about and was being a good citizen and driver and waved as a I passed and I waved back at him!

I rode through a few canyons!

I Broke the back of the 1000 mile mark!

Passed endless lakes!

I passed a snowman!
A huge Canaidan flag!
A truck that had ditched

Another reminder to keep the speed down!

I passed the central standard time zone!

And entered eastern standard time zone!

Split between the two!

Train track crossing!

Yes I will!

Some water planes in Kenora

Entering Manitoba late at night I looked for somewhere to camp and eventually found a place that looked safe enough from bears! What a days riding. Around 570 miles today. So so tired.

3 thoughts on “Day 6. Lake Klotz, Ontario to Falcon Lake, Manitoba!

  1. What an adventure. 570 miles in a day and keeping to the speed limit.
    We have friends who had a bad time with US customs. You are in the best place, as long as you find a safe bed at night.

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  2. Glad you are well and enjoying your trip around Canada. There seem to be a lot of moose out there!!! Are you meeting any people you met on your last visit to Canada. When will you be in Vancouver? Be safe out there. Love Dad xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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