Day 8. Lake Audy to Saskatoon 

I woke up early around 6am to a cold morning by Lake Audy. The weather looked pretty bad coming in from the west so riding into the rain or sleeping a few more hours in the hammock was an easy decision to make!

Around midday it was looking a whole lot better out there and we decided to pack up camp and move out and ride in to the nearest town for some breakfast!

We were treated to around 30-40 miles of gravel roads until we reached the small town of Rossburn!

I had a breakfast of Poutine and a mushroom & cheese omelette!

The couple on the right are the owners and their employee on the left cooked the most tasty food!

We pushed on into Saskatchewan and ride through miles and miles of lush farmland and the prairies.

Hello Saskatchewan !

All along the railway track that the road follows are these silos, which feed the train carriages as they pull up along side them.

I saw a beautiful Thunderbrid!

More silos!

A little rest stop along the way to stretch the legs and then another stop for fuel as Tim’s bike doesn’t hold as much as the GSA!

My friend Ross was sadly not in!

We saw a double rainbow in the fields behind us as we rode through the Prairies

cool hey!

We made it into Saskatoon at around 7.30-8pm and headed for Winstons  English pub! We had food and waited for my friends to arrive and then had a few more before heading back to theirs to have even more beers! Goodtimes! 

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