Day 14. Riding around Calgary!

I woke up late today. After 11am. Tired from the night before and happy to be sheltered from the rain I was in no rush to get up!

But then hunger kicked in, so I decided to hit the Calgary farmers market! Every city I’ve been through in Canada seems to have one and the produce, food and cute hand made craft stalls are always nice to look around at. 

The weather was drying up although the skies were full of dark clouds hanging around. 

I found it with ease and sauntered around until I found what took my fancy! Pizza! Two slices from Knead Pizza. One with proscutio and rocket, the other margarita! It was pretty good! 

I found a kinda pretentious coffee shop where you pay, then wait ten whole minutes for them to make your coffee, but I have to say, for once, it was worth the wait. It was a pretty good cuppacino! I pottered about looking at the stalls and fresh fruits and vegetables for sale and saw a yellow cauliflower! 

And purple beans! It was a cool place to be on a Sunday morning. 

I searched the web for things to do in Calgary and hit up the aircraft museum as first choice! It was a 8 mile ride away from where I was and the weather was getting better! I rode through downtown and onto the airport where the museum is situated at its south east corner and found it pretty easily. 

I walked inside, paid my $10cad and wandered into the main hanger, where to my surprise I saw a Lancaster bomber right in front of me!

Wow! What an airplane. Such history. I don’t recall being so close to one at a museum before. 

I had a good look at the bomb bay and tail gunner turret position, the forward observation deck where the observer would have been flat on his belly looking for the targets below ready to eel the information back to the pilot above! It’s not a job I’d like to have done. But they were different times. Who knows what I would I have done in World War Two had I been alive and at fighting age then? 

They had old helicopters and old Canadian passenger planes on display, some with deconstructed wings to show you how they were made. (all of wood!) such amazing craftwork and skills from a generation long gone. 

I then left the main hanger to visit the display room where they have the smaller planes on display, model aircraft hanging from the ceiling, rows of old aircraft propellers and engines. It’s a pretty compact museum but they fit lots in! 

I left there and then went to find an army surplus store to buy a woolly jumper ready for the mountains tomorrow afternoon! And did I find an army surplus store! They had everything a boy could need! 

I found an old RAF jumper and looked around for abit and saw an old Willis jeep, and an old triumph army messenger bike just gathering dust. They also had another one in its original crate that has been there for 15 years! Must be worth a pretty penny or two! I then went to a coin laundrette to wash my motorcycle trousers as they were starting to smell a bit. 

After 45 minutes the wash and dry was done, I rode back to the motel and stayed there for a while then headed out again to the Calgary Shooting centre to try my hand at firing a hand gun or two! 

They gave me a choice of many handguns but I went for these two in the end, just to see the difference between them.

I had a quick safety lesson in how to hold the gun and how to fire it. Then we stepped into the range and the Marshall loaded the gun for me, placed it down on the firing range table for me to pick up and shoot with! 

I did pretty well all in all. Not a bad shot for a British guy with no previous training other than 30 rounds on 9mm 14 years ago!

I left the range and headed back to the hotel to rest a while. 

Soon I was out again finding a place for dinner! I settled on “No Paper Pizza” in the Inglewood district of town! Pizza twice in a day I hear you say? Yep!!

It was pretty good. I ate and watched the world go by the window. If I lived in Calgary I think I’d live in Inglewood. It seems like a nice neighbourhood, and without knowing it I’ve found myself back there 3 times over this weekend! 

So now I’m back at the motel. Laundry done, bags packed, batteries charged, waiting for the morning to come so I can get the spoke replaced on the rear wheel, the final drive rubber gaiter replaced & the valves adjusted on the GS, making the service complete and keeping my warranty intact!! 

As soon as that is done I’m free to get out to the rocky mountains of BC and where ever the sun is shining! Let’s see what tomorrow brings! 
Thanks for reading! 

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