Day 18. Marble Canyon to Vancouver! 

I woke pretty early and had a walk down to the lake to see what was happening. 

I met Daniella, she was fishing for trout for breakfast! Her husband was asleep in their RV Whisky she was up at dawn to fish! 
The lake was pretty calm and peaceful. A nice gem tofind such a sweet camping spot.

We (Tim & I) packed up the tent and hammock and rolled out to find some breakfast! Lillooet was the next town ahead of us on the road so that’s where we headed to find food!

We found a petrol station in Lillooet and filled up the bikes and the stopped at the restaurant down the road. Inside was this beautiful wood burning stove! We had a club sandwich and salad for breakfast/lunch and filled up ready to ride out to whistler and Vancouver! 

The roads cut through the dessert valleys and the temperature was on the rise!

Soon after Lillooet we were stopped at a construction zone along the road. There were rope access workers high up in the mountains knocking away all the loose stones in a controlled Avalanche. We had to wait around 15 minutes for the workman to finish the section they were on, after which they are picked up and cleared away by a a big Caterpillar!

As we were waiting a dude on a Kawasaki 500 chopper rolled up next to us, I invited  him to join us for a beer in Whistler and ride with us to Vancouver if he wanted.

He told us his name was Damon and he lived in Vancouver!

It was fun having three people out on open road riding together! Despite the difference in engine size Damon kept up easily and ride his 500chopper like a pro around the twists and turns heading into Whistler!

We stopped just beforetake pictures of this amazing log jam! There must have been hundreds of logs all jammed up and intertwined with each other! I took a walk out to the middle and it was like playing frogged back in the 80’s!

It was also baking hot at 29c so I dunked my head in the river to cool down! 

We arrived atWhistler and parked the bikes up and strolled into the small town at the base of the downhill ski/cycle slopes. It was full of cool kids in theirmountain bike clothing & sunglasses, couples and young families enjoying the extreme sports scene. 

Not my cup of tea and I found a bit pretentious but that’s Whistler!

After the beer and some time to relax we pushed onwards to Vancouver. Damon warned us there might be cops out with their “radar gun, radar gun, I’m making money and I’m having fun, with my radar gun!”

So we kept the speed down and enjoyed the twists and turns the BC roads had to offer us!

Before we knew it,we were in Vancouver and riding though Stanley Park! 

We arrived at sunset park and after riding 4508 Miles all the way  from Halifax, Nova Scotia I stripped down to my pants and took a dip in the Pacific Ocean! 

Lush! That’s what it felt like ! So nice to reach the other side of Canada!

4508 miles later!

We then headed up to meet a friend I had stayed with in Vancouver around 15 years ago near Commercial Drive! When we arrived there he was outside to greet us and I parked my bike up took off my helmet and put it down on the grass verge by the pavement and said hello!

There was a little confusion with where to park the bikes and we had to move them over to the opposite side of the street and squeeze them. In between the cars to avoid a ticket. We then took out bags off and put them in the house and had a drink. And went out for some dinner at a local pizza joint. 

After dinner we went back to my friends house and grabbed our bags and packed the bikes for the ride over to Damon’s where he was very kindly letting us stay the night. It was then I realised I must have left my crash helmet out on the grass by the  sidewalk after we parked our bikes on the other side of the road to avoid getting a ticket.

I wish I had just left the bike there, as when I when to look for my helmet it had gone.

Oh dear oh dear. What a mistake to make.

By luck Damon was carrying a spare helmet on his bike and he lent me it to ride to back to his place and I could figure something out in the morning.

All in all it was a great day. Meeting Damon on the road was no doubt great luck for Myself and Tim, loosing my crash helmet wasn’t so lucky.

Ho hum! That’s the fun of travelling I suppose. Learn not to make the same mistake again!

One thought on “Day 18. Marble Canyon to Vancouver! 

  1. Congratulations on your epic ride across /Canada ending with a dip in the Pacific Ocean. You seem to have met some good people along the way which must have been very nice for you so far from home. Following your blog with great interest and wishing you well on your return trip. Hope you get your helmet back. Love Dad xxx

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