Day 19.Vancouver City to Vancouver Island: Victoria & Nanaimo

So! No crash helmet! What to do? Sleep until 9 and not worry about it!

I get up around 7, I get out of bed around 9, and I don’t worry about nothing no, because worry is a waste of my…..time!”

Damon was up and had been out already to get milk for the coffee, so, around 9 I got out of bed and had a coffee and smoke and made a plan.
Tim had to find somewhere that had a chain and sprocket set for his Triumph and whilst Damon as helping him find a bike shop in town that had the part I borrowed Damon’s spare crash helmet and went downtown to BMW/Ducati Vnacouver to find myself another crash helmet. After a 27 miles ride I turned up and explained my situation to the guys at BMW Vancouver and asked them if they could help me out with he cost as this was an expense I don’t foresee. They were really nice and gave me a 20% discount on a new Evo 6 without Bluetooth as they had none In stock.
I know I could have got a cheap crash helmet to finish the trip with, but I only have one head & I originally bought my Evo 6 on the basis that it’s the best flip lid with Bluetooth that i liked. So why get anything different? I can get the Bluetooth added at a later date and as for now I have by music to play when I ride. 😦

I left downtown Vancouver to ride back to Damon’s and when I got there He pulled up the number of the VPD lost and found department and I called in to see if anyone had handed it in on the off chance that someone had. Sadly it was a no, so I transferred departments and filed my report for my stolen crash helmet. Perhaps I can claim on the insurance for it when I get home? Let’s see! It’s the fun of traveling so no pint in getting me down. I’m alive and ready to ride whatever happens!

After the call Tim and I said our goodbyes to Damon and thanked him for all his help, I would have been in a bit of a pickle without him & it was ever so kind of him to put both of us up for the night. So dude. If you’re reading this……Thank you. If you’re ever in London you’ve got a place to stay and everything.
With that we were on our way to the ferry terminal for the short journey over to Vancouver Island!

We arrived and grabbed some lunch from the busy terminal shopping mall and as soon as we sat down to eat they called out ferry so we picked up out lunch and headed back to the bikes ready to board.
For all the English people reading this, the Vancouver Island ferry is just like the Dover to Calais ferry, but with a much better view, you load the same, sit in the deck or inside and disembark the same way.

The captain made a call that there were some killer whales off the starboard bow, but on inspection we didn’t see any. Perhaps on the way back we will as it’s quite common to see such sights on the ferry to Vancouver Island.
We went up stairs on deck and sat down, ate our lunch and enjoyed the hot weather and beautiful Pacific vista of pine covered Islands, endless blue water with ships and smaller boats sailing all around and distant mountains.
What could be better?!

After an hour and a half we were ready to roll. All the Harley Davdison riders started their engines way to early making so much noise and carbon monoxide I got off my bike and lent over the deck to get some fresh air! The barriers went down and we were waved out by the ferry marshals and out on to solid ground.
We rode into Victoria for a quick look around but the heat of 34c was far to high to be riding stop and start in the city so we bounced on out and on to Nanaimo where we had planned on camping for the night.  The roads cut through the valleys of the island mountains with lakes aside the road for miles akin to the loch of the highlands of Scotland. For all of British Columbia’s mountains there are very few mountain passes as you would find in Austria or the Swiss, French Alps for example. There are the occasional hairpins and climbs but what the Canadian Rockies lack for in mountain passes they sure as hell make up for with wildlife and stunning views for days on end.
After a hundred or so miles we came into town and did some shopping for dinner as it was camp fire cooing tonight! Tim got the food I got the beer. Moments later we were stocked up and ready to find camp.
We decided on Living forest camp site and it turned out to be a pretty sweet spot.

I had some trees to swing my hammock up in and Tim had a patch for his tent. We set up camp and sorted stuff out on the bikes
I arrange led and made the fire and Tim made the brochettes for dinner! All only using his Swiss Army knife! Well he Swiss after all!

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