Day 20. Vancouver Island: Nanaimo to Tofino to Kennedy Lake!

I woke up at 7 watched the sunrise over the horizon and nudge its way up into the low laying clouds and then went back to my hammock and slept until around 11am. When I awoken again Tim had already packed up his tent and used the showers so Ingot my ass into gear and did the same. Around 12 wee were easy to go and rolled out of camp and to the next petrol station for a fill up.

The view was way better today.

We found ourselves riding through forests thick with Douglas fir trees and redwood rain forests

. It was like Endor from Star Wars. We stopped to take the path through the forest and see Canada’s oldest tree! I gave it a hug and did the classic obligatory tourist photo as did Tim.

I FaceTimed my mum and showed her the forest and checked In with home.

All was good. After a 20 minute walk through the forest having fun with the locals we mounted our steeds again and carried on towards Tofino!

We rode on towards Port Alberni and decided to stop in and have a quick lunch and a cold rink as it was getting pretty hot.

 A couple of other bikers were there and we swapped stories in the baking heat and then ride out of town passing this cool train on the way!

A few miles in to the ride we saw on our right the most fun looking water Rapids amongst the rocks and people swimming in the water. With the temperature at 34c we decided to pull in and take a dip! Tim and I changed into our swim wear and went down to the water.

Wow! What a place! The sun was so hot and the water was so cold. Crisp cold mountain water rushing down to the rocks and small lagoons and pools that lined the corner of the river.

It was cool! Ha ha! In fact when I dipped my toe in to the water it was freezing cold! Eventually I got my nerve up and jumped in for England!

Aghhhhhhhh my whole body shocked at the freezing water it found itself submerged in, but it was strangely nice and when I got used to it, the cold wasn’t so bad!

I started by swimming in the small lagoon and then dipping my head under the small waterfall, then progressed to jumping off the rocks into the deep lagoons below! So much fun on such a hot day! Well worth the stop!

Refreshed and clean we pushed on again to Tofi for some dinner! We rode through the Pacific Rim National Park and past some gorgeous beaches.

We made it to Tofino for around 5pm and rode the bikes to the pier to take some photos, as this was the furthest west we were going to be riding on this trip.

There was a golden eagle perched in the trees near the water line which was nice to see.

We found a place for dinner not too far away in the small town and opposite was a coin laundry so undid my washing whilst dinner was being eaten! Nice work!

A quick stop to the liquor store and we had beer and full bellies and it was time to ride out to Kennedy lake and find the sweet camp spot Damon had told us about the previous day!

We had to ride back out of Tofino and out of the Pacific Rim National park, but not before having a quick stop to watch the surfers at the beach and touch the water.

Soon we found the gravel track we had to take for the beach campsite. This beach campsite is kinda illegal but all the locals go there and hang out in the summer and have parties and such!

We bounced on in to the tracks and the rutts started to appear and the gravel turned to mud and the them back to gravel!! So much fun! We rode for around 11 miles and after fucking about a bit and taking a few wrong turns we eventually found what we were looking for! The beach!

All around were cool kids having fun, fires roaring around each groups campsites. Time to find our own for the night!
We settled down in the only place we could find which worked out well as there was space for the tent and a couple of trees for the hammock!

We set up camp and struck up conversation with two girls from a Quebec who had been camping there for a couple of days and huddled around their fire and drank beers and toasted marshmallows late into the night!

4 thoughts on “Day 20. Vancouver Island: Nanaimo to Tofino to Kennedy Lake!

  1. Hi Julian, you make camping, tree hugging (such big trees) and ice cold water swimming sound like great fun. Great photos and blog . Love Dad xxx

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