Day 21. Lake Kennedy to Vancouver Actual!

I woke up by the lake early. I packed up the hammock and took a look around the camp!

The beach camp ground

It was on a beach where the locals come to camp for free. They spend days or weeks there at a time, or some, like us, just the night.

Tim woke up a little later and packed up his tent and bags and we talked to the local guys and girls for a while then road out on the dirt gravel road for around 15 miles back out to the main road.

An abandoned bridge!

Tim and I leaving the campground!

We decided to go to Ucluelet for breakfast. The ride is back to the main road then a left where the road splits for Tofino or Ucluelet, so you go left and after a few miles you enter the shipping town of Ucluelet!


We found a place for breakfast, omelette and poutine mmmmmmm. Some of the guys and gals from the lake had come to get breakfast too!

Our plan was to eat and then ride on back to Nanaimo to get the ferry back to Vancouver mainland.
Breakfast came and went and before we knew it we were riding the road west to east back across the island. It was the same one as the day before.
The sun was out and the roads were good. The occasional RV blocked some good turns but otherwise it was nice.

Tim upfront leading the way!

We stopped at the river rapids again for one more swim and water was just as cold as the day before! It was really nice to swim in the river again, so refreshing to just jump in! We met a couple from Switzerland who were touring BC in there camper van!

The trading Post

On the road again I did a FB live broadcast which was interesting for the people back home to see what Canada is like!

Tucking in to a late lunch in Nanaimo

We stopped at a trading post so I could get a sticker in the traditional native style for the bike!

We then rode back past the forest of tall Douglas Firs and eventually into Nanaimo to get some food before riding to the ferry a few miles away to catch a lift across the water back to mainland Canada and into the east side of Vancouver where we’re staying tonight.
The queue for the ferry must have been a mile long, full of families and people trying to get back home all stuck in their cars as we were waved on to the front of the queue! The cars had a two crossing wait but motorbikes are allowed straight to the front as we take up less space! How nice is that!!

I met and talked to a biker called Chris from Edmonton who had been riding for the weekend, we swapped emails and hung out on the crossing.  It’s nice to make new acquaintances

Back on solid ground we wound our way down the highway 99 and into Vancouver!
The traffic was pretty busy slow in places but it’s to be expected!

Tim in Vancouver!
Cool bike & lid combo!

We got to My friend Greg’s house in the east side unpacked our bikes (this time I left my crash helmet on!) and went out for dinner on commercial drive and talked about our travels and Greg told us stories of his travels as a younger man in Australia and the far east and Eastern Europe!

One thought on “Day 21. Lake Kennedy to Vancouver Actual!

  1. Hi Julian Vancouver Island seems to be a rather large island and you must have seen quite a lot of it and what it has to offer. So, you will be on your own again soon, hope you manage to buddy up with someone else like Tim. He sounded like good company. Looking forward to your next report. Love Dad xxx


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