Day 22. Vancouver to Penticton in the Okanagan Valley

We woke up at Greg’s and had coffee and rolled out Vancouver around 11 and decided to make our way to Penticton to camp for the night. It was a half way point for both is us as tomorrow I’d be heading back east and Tim would be making his way up to Whistler to spend time with friends there for the winter.

On the bridge out of town!
The road to the USA, but not for me!

We took the Highway 1 out of Vancouver and took the road to Hope where we had decided to stop for lunch!

There is always Hope

The highway was busy with all the traffic leaving Vancouver and heading east and we rolled along with it, we rode through Chilliwack and and Bridal Falls before making it to the small town of Hope.

Big Pipes!
Spicy City!

After lunch we took the Highway 3 which cuts through some amazing valleys where the roads stretch out for miles ahead but with only a gentle decline. The turns seem to go on for ever before the road eventually straightens out for miles ahead again!

Lunchtime View In Hope

The temperate was hitting 37c through the dessert and only occasionally dropped when the clouds covered the sun.

Tim pushing ahead!

After another few hours we reached Penticton which is in the Okanagan Valley famous for it’s fruit, and found a campsite suitable for the hammock and tent.

Our campground for the night

We made camp then rode into town to the liquor store to get supplies before it closed, then walked down to the beach for a late night swim in the lake. The water was a good temperature for swimming but the sun soon passed away behind the mountain leaving the warmth it provided with it. So back to camp!

The beach at Lake Skaha!
Perfect Fridge for the beers!
Ready to set up camp

We walked back to camp and on our way to the bikes a young girl asked us for help. Her brother had been fishing and had somehow miraculously caught a DUCK! The young boys hook was straight through the ducks bill. The mother had hold of the duck and it was surprisingly calm given it’s predicament. I looked at the position of the hook and gently pulled it out from the top and around and out of the bottom of his bill. With that he was released to the pond and didn’t look too upset at being hooked!

Tim and I decided to ride into downton Penticton and have some dinner as open fires were not allowed in the campground. We found a nice spot and had some good food.

After that it was back to camp for more beers and a walk to the beach and a wander around the campsite taking in the RV’s and Canadian camping set ups, until we eventually hit the hay around midnight gone!

Tim’s Dinner!

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