Day 23. Penticton via Banff to Calgary

I woke after Tim who had already packed his tent and was sorting his stuff out!

I packed up the hammock and used the showers and got the bike ready to roll on out.

We rode into the Okanagan Valley famous for it’s fruits and fruit stands that line the sides of the roads. It was a hot morning and the sun was kicking in.

Another photo spot

We rode on to Peachland were we had our last lunch together! we found a nice place on the edge of the lake with a little marina behind it.

funny sign!
Our spot for breakfast!
Welcome to Peachland

The lady that served us was from England! after not hearing an English accent other than my own for a long time it was fun to hear!

Zoe from England who works here!

After breakfast we rode on a short way up the road where Tim and I said our goodbyes after riding together off and on for the last couple of weeks. It was sad to say goodbye to him as we have had a lot of fun together on the road and he’s been great company.

We rode off together for a short while then Tim took the 97c out to Whistler and I carried on up the 97 and into Lake Louise

The last goodbyes!
Au Revoir My Friend Tim!

It meant the beginning of the end for my journey with the start of the long push back east across Canada. I rode on alone again towards Lake Louise, but not for long as I was meeting another biker called Tim that I met last week in Calgary. He gave me his number and told me to call him when I was coming back through Calgary!


The mountains in the distance

Beavis and Butthead Van!
Mean looking truck back end
A nice coloured lake

I rode on chasing down the miles and on to Lake Louise where Tim had arranged to meet me and show me around some nice roads and also put me up for the night at his place!

A cute couple that had ridden from Ontario to Banff, on their way to Vancouver!
Tim’s Bike!
Tim has ridden this bike around the world!
Entering Banff National Park

I met Tim and we rode to Lake Louise. It’s a very pretty lake up in the mountians. The glacier behind me used to be way down the mountain, but in recent years has melted away each summer.

Lake Louise
Lake Louise

We then rode to Lake Moraine which is just as gorgeous as Lake Louise if not more so because of it’s attractive log jam.

Lake Moraine
lake Moraine
Me at Lake Moraine

Always being a funny guy I joined this chap for a funny photo with him!

Me and my new friend at Lake Moraine

I saw this big bear at the Lake moraine gift shop!

Found my big bear!

And as we left Banff to ride out towards Calgary we came upon a traffic jam, both sides of the road…..pretty strange I thought. There were people out side of there cars with cameras taking oictures of a GRIZZLY BEAR eating his berries at the side of the road!


He was a little way back from the road and all the tourists (me included!) were taking the chance to grab a photo of this magnificent animal. the queue was about 1/4 of a mile long and eventually the Police came along and told everyone to get back in there cars and move on!!

And then I did! A Real Life Grizzly Bear!

We rode into Banff for a look around. I had a look in the shops and bought a Hudson Bay Blanket and came out to see Tim chatting with guys about his bike!

That’s the thing with bike like ours and people like us, other people are interested in our bikes and wished they were doing the same, and love to talk about it, and naturally we are happy to talk about it with them. Sometimes you just loose track of time! ( Like when I met Tim in the bike shop in Calgary over a week ago, he came in for a fuel pump and ended up taking to me for an hour or so!)

Banff was nice. Set up for the tourist, but none the less, very nice to be in. It reminded me somewhat of a Swiss/Austrian ski village!

Riding around Banff
The Banff conference Centre
My bike in Banff

We rode on out of Banff and on to Calgary via Cochrane where we saw this huge storm cloud forming above us!

What a cloud!

We stopped to take some photos of the huge storm cloud forming over us and look at the Ghost Lake Reservoir which feeds the city of Calgary.

Rain is possible!
Tim from Calgary on his around the world 2007 BMW GSA

It took about an hour to get back via some sweet roads Tim showed me with lots of twists and turns through the valleys and reservations of Alberta.

We stopped for food at Safeway and some liquor at the liquor shop and went back to his place to make dinner!

Brochette Canadian style

We sat around the fire in his backyard ( which he made in 38 seconds using what looked like a flame thrower!!) and cooked the brochette & Tim told me stories of his travels around the world! He was away for 118 days with his friend Corey (who now makes these great camel tanks for motorbikes<<) riding the world and had some amazing stories to tell. He is a very humble man, with a huge heart. It was really good of him to come and ride with me from Lake Louise. I had a very interesting and entertaining night with him. I’m extremely grateful to him for letting me stay and I hope to meet him again someday….somewhere! Thank you Tim!

Cooking the Brochette on the open fire
Pork, chicken, beef, peppers, onion & garlic bread!

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