Day 24. Calgary to Saskatoon!

I woke up very early and sorted my bags out for the bike and had a shower, wrote Tim a thank you for the night before as he was still asleep and hit the road.
First I popped into to Anderwerks in Calgary to say goodbye to the guys and girls there! then I went to Blackfoot Motorcycles and picked up my tyres that I had bought last week. 

I strapped them to the bike and by 9.40a.m. I headed out of Calgary and on toward Saskatoon via the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur museum in Drumheller!

The morning was cold and overcast and a bit chilly, I put he heated grips on and put my visor down and tucked in for the hour or so ride. I got in to Drumheller around 11a.m. and found the dinosaur museum with no problem at all.

Stegosaurus Skull

It’s a world class museum, the exhibits are exquisite and vast in there number. Most of the fossils have been found in the Badlands area of Alberta and are displayed with information of how they were excavated from each site.

There are so many displays here at the museum. you need a whole day just to take them in. Lots of families where there and children all around enjoying the dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes! It’s a busy place and rightly so. You can walk around the badlands and do the dinosaur trail and see where the fossils were found!

Woolly Mammoth!

This is pretty impressive!

As I was leaving I saw another GSA in the car park! Another couple riding around Canada!

I rode out in to the Badlands and on to the ghost town of Wayne!

Deep in the heart of Alberta’s Badlands, ghostowners can find the tiny village of Wayne, once a thriving coal-mining town of more than 3,000. But now, the ghosts are knocking in Wayne, which has witnessed its population dwindle to about 40 diehard souls.

Wayne is about 10 miles southeast of Drumheller, the main centre in the Alberta Badlands, and area of the province which is considered to hold the richest dinosaur fossil beds in the world. To get to village, visitors must get off the main highway six miles east of Drumheller and then drive four miles in a winding moon-like valley, crossing 11 one lane bridges, each with a wooden plank bed. Along the way, visitors will see countless coal mining relics of the past, including abandon homes and machinery.

The Last Chance Saloon in Wayne
Inside the Last Chance Saloon!


A nice old cash register


I carried on out of Wayne and back through the 11 bridges on to the road to the Hoodoos and to see them in daylight this time!

The hoodoos!
me and my hand on the hoodoos

Riding alone through the prairies again I had roads that went on for days in front of me. 

They stretch out as far as the eye can see. You get occasional hills, and hidden dips in the road stretch it out further again and again! 

The prairies are wide and varied and not just wheat and corn fields………well, at times anyway!

Without music it’s a pretty harsh ride, but you keep yourself entertained looking around at the wildlife and view that changes periodically and before you know it 395 miles becomes 295 miles, becomes 195 miles, then (only !) 95 miles as you break the back of the hundred and settle in for the last hour and a half of smooth prairie roads.

By the time I reached Saskatoon I had collected just a few of the mosquitos and flies and bugs along the highway! I’ve not cleaned my bike since I started riding in halifax on July 25th, but maybe now as i’m staying here with friends in Toon for the next 5 days or so i’ll give her a wash!

She’s a bit dirty!

This is the rest part of my trip and had always planned spending some time here. It’s a good spot to rest and relax and get the bike ready for the next last push back to Halifax.

I won’t be riding or posting for a few days now until next week, so have a great weekend everyone and I’ll see you next week on the road back east!

2 thoughts on “Day 24. Calgary to Saskatoon!

  1. Two Tims on your travels, they sure made life interesting for you. Have a nice break and then safe journey back east. Looking forward to your next blog. That grizzly bear looked rather large!! Must be strange to come round a bend to find a queue of traffic stopping to observe the bear. That is twice now/ Love Dad xx

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