Day 31. Saskatoon to Winnipeg

It had precipitated (rained) in Saskatoon overnight which left the morning full of damp air and me with a wet saddle!

My rest days were over and it was time to say goodbye to my pals, pack the bags and hit the road to Winnipeg. I left around 10.30am and filed up with motion potion at the local gas station and rode out of Saskatoon and on to the highway.

The weather wasn’t looking great at all. In fact it was looking pretty bleak.

Clouds on top of clouds and me underneath them all!

I like the prairies and the endless skies, It reminds me of the farmland back in Hampshire

It’s not all farm land though. There are sections where the grass dissapears and it’s replaced by large lakes which can get pretty choppy when the wind is up.

I passed this old car junk yard. It has so many beautiful old cars sadly rotting away.

I rode out of Saskatchewan and Into Manitoba.

Riding all day in and out of the rain was no fun, however I saw this lovely rainbow

And this one too!

But where there are pretty rainbows there are ugly rain clouds waiting to drop on you.

I eventually arrived in Winnipeg at around 9.35pm and was very kindly hosted by Christine who I met in Winnipeg a few weeks ago at breakfast.

She offered me the sofa to sleep on which after the day I had was much apprcireted.

We went out to the Toad in the hole pub in Osbourne district of town  for a beer or two and a some food! It was nice to chat and rest my weary bones after a long ride!

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