Day 32. Winnipeg to Lake Superior

I was up and out early and into the wet Winnipeg rush hour by 9am.

Horray! Another wet day!

There’s nothing you can do but put your waterproofs on and tuck up.
The rush hour wasn’t too bad and before long I was out on the highway through the tail end of the prairies and out of Manitoba and into the ball ache supersize province of Ontario!

It rained and rained and rained on me. The cloud covered the sky from back to front and side to side.

After two hours of it my boots were starting to get wet inside through the leather so I pulled in to change my socks

Dry again for the time being and slightly warmer I rode on again for another few hours but again the rain just kept coming and my feet were wet once again. I stopped again to change socks and dry out the boots again. Nothing worse than riding with cold, wet feet.

My plan for the day was to get past Thunder Bay and ride on to Lake Superior National Park and find some me here to sleep.

I kept riding in the rain which made eveything dark and gloomy, it was starting to have an effect on my mood, then eventually, and out of nowhere I saw a break in the cloud and hope on the horizon at long last.

It took a few hours for that hope to come true it eventually the road I was on moved far enough away for the sun to shine!

I rode back past into the eastern standard time zone and down the highway towards Thunder Bay.

It was a day of rain and rainbows and getting wet and getting dry. And hundreds of miles to ridden.

The views of Lake Superior were stunning to ride along next to and see.

And the rain was kept the ride interesting & wet.

Sadly the sun stared to set too soon for me and darkness set it. I had nowhere to stay and was pretty wet through.

I decided to keep riding into the night to get some miles out of the way for the next day. I carried on through the darkness with only me and my bike and Chas and Dave for company.

At 2.30am I called it a day and found a rest stop with a tourist information block that had toilets and amazingly a heater to dry my boots gloves and crash helmet!

I fell asleep (if you can call it sleep) happy that my boots were drying and I was making good progress!

I rode about 800 miles or so today. Too many. Too many.

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