Day 33.lake superior to Montreal via Toronto

I woke up after a rough nights sleep, and after riding around 800 miles the previous day my body was aching somewhat. I took a walk to the lake and washed myself in the cold water.

That felt a bit better. Knowing that my boots and gloves were dry was an event better feeling. The sun being out and no rain clouds in sight was a better one!

I’ve had no real plan since leaving Saskatoon other than to head back to the east coast and perhaps ride around Cape Breton,north of Halifax in Nova Scotia beiges I ship the bike home.

So today I continued eastbound and down towards Tornoto.

After riding all those miles yesterday my butt and legs were aching pretty much as soon as I got in the saddle. So I did what all hikers do on long journeys. Stand up, sit down, move left, move right, stretch the hands, sit on the rear seat, use the rear pegs……anything to make it comfortable and less painful! I guess it’s iron butt territory.

Some bikers don’t ride more than a few hundred miles a day and rest well along way, other ride a few more, but not many will ride 800! Mad dogs and Englishman!

Mile after mile after mile of roads!

I stopped at the side of the road around midday as I was getting sleepy from the lack of sleep and the sun in my face. After almost 7500 miles on the road I’ve discovered that the riders seat makes a great roadside pillow!!

Southern Ontario is nice to drive through lots of lake hugging roads and roads blasted through the rocks all of which have Inuksuk on top of them.

You might be able to see an Inuksuk in the photo below.

After what seemed like an age, but was in fact only a 450 (roughly) mile ride I reached the outskirts of Toronto. The traffic was getting heavier and heavier and people were driving like idiots. Yep back in the big city and time to get my city riding head on

It was hot in Toronto. Like 31c. I was not prepared for the heat of the city. I was in all my riding gear baking like a gingerbread man being cooked by Fru T. Bun the baker. Not fun!

I rode down to the water front and popped into a see a friend/associate for a quick glass of wine and was offered a bed for the night. Had I have never visited Toronto before I would have taken him up on the offer, as it was I’d spent a week there and was happy to ride on out of the heat and carry on eastbound!

I decided to ride to Montreal which was only 330 miles away. I checked in with my friends friend there and all was good for a 1.15 am arrival!

The traffic leaving Torornto on the 401 is busy and fast paced. Most people were driving at 80mph, I was at 85/90 mph and making good ground out of the city ignoring all the rules about lane splitting/filtering and riding like I was back home in Europe.

After weeks of riding slow roads if felt good again to be doing some quick miles and my Clearwater “Erica” lights came into there own once again clearing the traffic infront of me to my right as I rode on through and to a 1.15am arrival in Montreal!

My friends friend had dinner waiting for me a cool beer. Perfect after a long days ride! It was nice to see her again after all the weeks away. We stayed up talking late into the night about my travels and at around 3.30am I collapsed on the couch into a nice long sleep!

4 thoughts on “Day 33.lake superior to Montreal via Toronto

  1. ,Hi son, saddle sore, soaking wet and tired out, no wonder after all those miles. Sort of fun as well I suppose. Glad you are safe and sound and found a place to rest. Love Dad xxx


  2. Great ride! 800 miles is huge, close to the famous ‘iron butt’. I did 800 miles in a car, and I believe it is much harder on a bike.
    Hope you enjoy your ride through Canada!


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