Day 34. Montreal to Quebec City 

After the previous day’s long ride I slept like a baby.

I woke up very late. Around 2pm and had a late lunch with my friend and her father and his partner who came to visit. He’s a very interesting man who had spent some years in his youth living in London and Europe so we talked about his travels and mine.

I had to get to the bank to pay the remainder of the freight forwarding agents shipping fee for my bike as when I made the payment is Saskatoon I paid in Canadian dollars and the invoice was in US dollars! So we found a bank that was open on a Saturday and rode down to it.

I made my transaction and rode to the BMW Mottorad workshop to enquire about a bike service, but I decided to wait until I get home to England as it would only delay things again.

I should have just enough miles left to compete my ride before my 30000 mile service is due. I’m about 1200 miles away and have about that or more miles left to ride before I reach Halifax.

We rode to get some Poutine from a well known 24hour joint in the hip side of town. Montreal was hot, not as hot as Toronto, which was good, but still hot! The poutine was nice, the curds felt a bit rubbery though compared with others I’ve tried in Canada since being here.

After the poutine we took the long way home riding around the city for a bit and through the parks. It was while riding back to my friends flat that like the dog in the TV show “the littlest hobo” I heard the train whistle in the distance calling me to leave.

Should I leave Montreal tonight and head to Quebec City. Why not?!

I told her my plans as we were riding along and when we got back I packed my bags and rode out of Montreal, via the formula 1 race track for a quick lap around the circuit! 

I tried to record a lap with no cars which I found to be impossible, then security informed me that motorbikes were not allowed on the track! Only cars and cycles! Ooopppss!

If I stayed another night I would stay another day and so on, and the idea of packing my bags at 6 in the evening and heading out some where else is a fun one to have.

Spontaneity. I like that about this trip. I can do what I want, when I want.And I don’t have much time left, so I may as well do it when I can!

And that’s what I’m here for! Riding! Be it at night or in the day! They say Quebec City is very French! Let’s find out hey?!

Well, it is as French as they say! It’s a pretty city.

If you walked down some of the streets you could easily mistake Quebec City for Paris. It has the same cafes, bars & bistros, it just doesn’t have that same smell of piss and stale sweat in the air (like an old pair of trainers you should have thrown out a long time ago, or my motorcycle boots! 🙂 ) that Paris does. 

I rode around the town.

Taking a few pictures here and there!

Now it’s 3.21am here. I’m back out on the road again heading back further east, looking for somewhere to sleep tonight! Or until the sun comes up at least…….or maybe I’ll just ride through the night. 

You’ll have to find out tomorrow!

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