Day 35. Somewhere outside of Quebec City to Sainte-Flavie

After riding out of Quebec City I took the highway north and found a suitable place to pop my hammock up for the night. A truck stop with toilet facilities and woods at the back !! I couldn’t care less about wild animals wanting to eat me, I just wanted to sleep and rest. at about 4 a.m. I crept into my hammock and tried to sleep and eventually did, but woke up quite a few times in the night……

I must have dozed off because at around 11am I was woken up by a nice lady informing me in French that no tents are allowed here…..I of course instantly replied ‘non parle vous Francais Rodney’ and explained in my best English how I was sleeping in a hammock and not a tent, but in any case, thank you for the alarm call and I’ll pack my things and be on my way!

It was an overcast day with not a blue cloud in sight and the sun didn’t look likely to be popping its head through the clouds at any point in the day. I rode up the highway 20 until I got to Rivière-Ouelle where I stopped to look at this train and have a rest.

I stopped in the town centre or centre-ville for a soup and sandwich combo with a strong coffee. nice soup, good sandwich, decent coffee.

And pretty flowers in the centre-ville road island gardens.

I rode out of town slowly and decided to stay on the road hugging the St Lawrence River.

It’s a country road which cuts through farmlands. The downs to the right and on the left sloping fields which stretch down to the river bank.

After the long miles of the last few days I was taking it slow today. That and a combination of having a limited amount of time and miles left to ride.

I can only do around 800 more miles before my bike is due it’s 30000 mile service.

I fly back on Wednesday evening from Halifax Airport and the bike has to be dropped off at the docks in the morning.

Today is Sunday. That gives me two days more riding.


I want to visit Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton and I think that will push me over the 30000 mile mark by 300, which should be OK for BMW warranty issues!

So today is a rest day.

I feel slightly fatigued, probably my own fault for riding too many miles a day and not really having any plan, but I find that’s the fun part. Although tonight, as the rain started, and poured as the sun started to set my first and only thought was I need a warm bed. I found a cheap motel next to the sea side in Sainte-Flavie.
Tonight is for sleep. Tomorrow is for riding. I plan to ride to Prince Edward Island, I’ve looked at the weather (typical English, all he talks about is the bloody weather!) It looks like rain, but hey, it can’t rain all the time (unless you live in Scotland 😉 ) I’ll ride all day off the highways hugging the coast around to PEI and see where I end up……one things for sure though………..if I’m wet after riding all day… will have MOTEL written all over it.


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