Day 36. Sainte-Flavie to Wallace

I woke up late. I had planned on going for a run, but then thought better of it. 

I checked out of the motel at 11am and started riding slowly toward Prince Edward Island. 

It was overcast and before long started to rain again. I had already popped my waterproofs on at the petrol station just up the road from the motel after seeing the rain clouds ahead, so I pushed on through the rain. There nothing else to do but get on, tuck in, ride and hope for sun. 

I had a lot to look at, the Lawrence River to the left of me and the farms and forests to my right!
Again I found myself doing something silly….like riding my bike down a mud track, through some of the river to this stone island that lays in the middle of it all!Getting it back up to the road was fun. I only had to pick it up four times from the floor as the tyres slipped on the rocks in the river bed and the bike went down into the rocks! Such fun. Not a sensible thing to do alone, but I think if you’ve read the blog so far, you’ll know I’m far from sensible and enjoy picking up a fully loaded GSA from various places. 

It wasn’t long before my bike and I were back on the road and rolling into New Brunswick!

The sun started to come through and the roads started tontwistnand turn somewhat as I hugged the coast line around to PEI. 

As I approached PEI I decided to give it a miss. Purely for time reasons. I was riding slowly all day and due to the late wake up and start time I wouldn’t have time to play on the island. I’m not too fussed as it saves a few miles and hours and my butt and bike will both apprcirete that. I’d rather see Cape Breton and so the Cabout Trail so I pushed on past PEI and kept hugging the coast road around towards Pugwash! 

Such big skies all around me today I felt very small. 

As the sun was setting the rain stared up again and I found myself checking into the Dutch Mill motel. I think I’m too tired to camp and sleep rough for the rest of the is trip. So to hell with it. 

If I was rich man I’d be in a 5 star hotel each night after the long days ride. As much as I like camping, hotels were made for a reason. Camping is fun, but hotels are way better, and a 5 star hotel is way better than a roadside motel, but at least it has charm and character and a warm bed. 

Let’s see what tomorrow brings! It’s my last day of full riding! 

The rain has passed and the starts are out in full force above my head as I write this. 

Here’s to tomorrow and the adventure that it brings! 

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