Day 38. New Glasgow to Halifax Autoport

So. The last day in Canada on the bike. I had all the time in the world and was in no rush to ride my last 100 miles. 

I checked out the motel around 11am, saddled up the bike for the last time. 

I rolled out of New Glasgow and on to the freeway with ease and a new feeling of joy and excitement for the future. 

It was a quick ride back to Halifax and the sun was shining down on me. 
I had to go to the office in downtown Halifax to pick up the postal order for 160$cad I gave them at the beginning of the trip which was not need in the end! So that was a bonus! 

I then headed back to Gus’ pub which I first visited 35 days ago and I had for a well earned pint and burger for lunch!
I contacted the port office and asked what time I had to get the bike back to the docks for and they relied saying 4pm at the latest.
It was 2pm by the time the reply came through, so I said my goodbyes to Gus’ Pub and Halifax and rode around to the Autoport in the Eastern Passage near Dartmouth via the MacDonald Bridge. 
Traffic was heavy, but I was in no rush. I got to the Autoport and rode straight past it for one last ride to the end of the peninsular and to take a photo of Devils Island.

Devils Island – in the distance.

I then sat on the beach for an hour. 

 I took time to reflect on the past month and enjoyed the view and coast guards helicopter practicing manoeuvres far out in the bay. 

3 o’clock came quickly.

 I rode the short distance back to the Autoport and emptied the bike of all my bags and anything the cheeky fuckers on the ferry could steal (last time they had my tools and pump) and checked my bike in to be sent back to Southampton. 

I gave it a big hug and said my thanks to it for seeing me safely around Canada over the last 9702 miles and 38 days. She’s not missed a beat and never ceased to amaze me at what she and I can do together. 

I’m going to miss my bike. She leaves Halifax on the 12th September and arrives back in Southampton, England on the 9th October. Then she’s due her 30000 mile service before I can ride her again properly. 

Time to start saving up and paying off the credit card from this trip! 
Now I’m at the airport. I got a taxi from the Autoport to the bus station then the 3.50$ bus ride to the airport. In a few hours I’ll be over the Atlantic Ocean on my way back to England. 

I’ve had so much fun over the last 38 days and met some amazing people. The bike and I have ridden 9702 miles, been through and back 5 time zones & 8/10 Canadian provinces.

I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat given the chance. Thanks Canada. It’s been real. 

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