Guess who’s back???

I finished work early Tuesday and caught the train from London down to Southampton to finally pick my bike up from the docks! 

It’s taken just over a month to get my bike back from Canada and if you ask me it’s a month too long! 

I jumped in a taxi from the station down to dock gate 4 and out into the Wallenius Wilhelmsen import office to do the paper work! A few minutes later she was cleared to leave the dock and ready to ride home to London! 

After a close inspection of the bike to check her over for any damage along the way I noticed that both BMW fog lamps and had the wires cut and had been removed (stolen) from my bike. 

I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing….or not seeing! Really? Could they be so blatant as to steal both my fog lamps? 

They unbolted them and cut the wires leaving them dangling down!

Quite why they didn’t steal the more expensive and far better Clearwater Erica lights I don’t know and can only thank my lucky stars that they didn’t. If they had I think I may have cried a tear or two. 

So I made my report of the theft to the import office at Wallenius Wilhelmsen and picked up a copy of their insurance claim form and fired up the engine and headed out of Southampton and on to the Meon Valley!

I saw a sign for a byway and thought it would be a good idea to do some off roading on the way home! It was fine for the first twenty feet or so then as you can see from the photographs, there were some pretty deep rutts either side of the track,  and thinner (but equally as deep) rutts in the middle! It had been raining in the past few days and the rutts were full of water mostly!  There was no turning back or trying to turn the bike around, the only way was forward! I crept on gingerly as I really didn’t want to to flip the bike and end up in the mud either side!! At one pint the back wheel sunk into the mud and I could get off the bike if it stood up all on its own! 

I carried on up and over the rutts and after a mile I was out onto the sweet hard tarmac and on the road back to London! 

She needed a clean after spending a month in transit and being taken down a filthy muddy lane on the way home, so I stopped off at my local car wash guys in Hackney and for Five English Pounds they cleaned her as best they could! 

After that I took her back to my garage for another wipedown and tucked her in for the night! 

It’s great to have her back, I’ve missed not having my bike. Next week I take her in for a check up and her 30000 mile service and check up at SWB Motorrad in Welwyn Garden City! 

After that we have another clean 6000 miles to ride until the next one! 

Who knows the roads we’ll ride and the places we’ll see together! All I know is I’m looking forward to them and can’t wait for another long ride. 

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