SBW Motorrad! Service with a smile! 

On Monday I took my bike to SBW Motorrad in Welwyn Garden City to get her 30000 mile service.

Shiny new headers


They gave me a BMW R Nine T to ride for a couple of days whilst my baby was being checked over by the guys there and I wrote a review of it here!

Today I picked up the bike from SBW Motorrad and I have to say the service there is just OUTSTANDING!!!! Communication and most of all Care. They have the three C’s / CCC!

That’s what makes a great customer experience in my opinion. When I call SBW press option 2 and get straight through to the people I need to speak with.

Shiny new headers

So the bike had a few things that I wanted the guys to look at as well as giving her the 30000 mile service

  1. The paint on the rear sub frame has been faded away by me drumming my feet as I ride along.

  2. The exhaust valve was stuck open.

  3. The right hand side switch gear was a bit sticky.

  4. The final drive boot needed replacing dude to a rip in the rubber

New paint and some helicopter tape to protect the frame!

When I went to pick her up yesterday I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw they had replaced the exhaust header!! This was because the valve was stuck open and it’s all one unit all the way to the Akrapovic end can, and because of that it’s under warranty!

A few months ago I bashed the right hand side header misjudging a road bollard in London and was never going to be able to afford to replace it, but now it’s been done I’m over the moon!!

They also replaced the switch gear for me with no hassles all under warranty and even painted the frame and put some helicopter tape on there to stop it happening again!

They also washed, cleaned and polished the bike for me too! How’s that for service?

New switch gear!

I have to go back one day soon to get the final drive boot rubber replaced as they are waiting for the part on back order, but I’ve been told it will take around 45 mins and it will be done under warranty, so I’m happy with that, maybe I’ll be able to take a bike out for a ride whilst I wait?!!!


A very reasonable invoice!


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