October weekend ride. Day 1. London – Brussels – Rotterdam to Brussels.

Last weekend I got up early on Saturday morning and ride to the Folkestone side of the channel tunnel and boarded the train to Calais.

It was a very last minute trip. I had decided on Friday to ride to Brussels on the Saturday & then on Sunday join some of the guys in the bike group to ride around The Somme.

So there I was on the train waiting to get out into the fresh northern French air! It didn’t take long. The tunnel is so quick and effortless compared to the ferry, no strapping the bike down, no stairs to climb, no mediocre food to eat. Just whizz straight through. 

And out into Calais and then straight in out and on the road to Brussels!

It rained on me straight away, no time or place to put the waterproofs on and because I had my visor up the the rain got on the inside of it and made it very difficult to see, so slowed right down and waited for the break in the cloud before finally pulling over to clean my visor and glasses.

After which I pushed on to Brussels at a good speed. The roads were quiet until around 15 miles outside of the Belgium capital. I made my way in to the centre and up to my brothers neighbourhood and bad some breakfast in the local café and had some warm coffee to warm up my hands.

I then called in on my brother at his pad in Brussels and decided I needed new warm gloves!So when he was ready we headed out to the BMW Motorrad dealership just down the road from his place and I picked up a new set of GS dry gloves after losing one of them back in Canada, after that we rode out to Rotterdam for lunch! Why not hey! It was a quick ride out, only about an hour or so before the Dutch city came into the horizon! We were both a little cold from the ride so decided to get some lunch straight away. We found a cool little part of town and went for some beer and food at a nice bar! The table we chose had a radiator cover for a seat! Warm butts, beer & burgers! Perfect after a chilly ride!We drank and ate and had a look around the shops and at the ladies!Took some pictures of funny signs and manakinsAnd green canals!And empty streets!And bridges!And Christmas decorations!  

We set off back to Brussels before dark and eventually found our way back home, before heading out again for pizza and beer!! Good times indeed!

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