Drive shaft change & a quick BMW R1200 RS review!

So this afternoon I took my BMW GSA in to Lind Motorrad to have the drive shaft changed as it had begun to rust slightly, since the final drive rubber boot which keeps the grit and rain out of the drive shaft had developed a tear in it whilst riding Canada over the summer.

New on the left, old on the right!

I had it patched up in Canada but the damage had already been done, so when it was being serviced a few weeks ago by SBW Motorrad, they said they would order a new one in and change it under warranty for me!

Not too much ware on the old one!

Great! Very happy that after 30000 miles the main drive shaft is being replaced! That’s me good for another 30000 miles +++!

Not bad for 32221 miles!

So, I dropped my bike off this afternoon expecting to have to leave it overnight, but because I came in early in the day they managed to squeeze me in and completed the work this afternoon!

In the meantime whilst waiting they let me take out a BMW R1200 RS for a ride!

What can I say about it?

It’s basically the same engine as my BMW GSA 1200 but in a sports bike style, which means it’s not as heavy as the GSA and thefore a wee bit quicker! 

So quick! Infact, very very quick!

I took it out into the A1(m) and opened her up to 70 and stuck there as anymore would be illegal. Having said that, I think that if I were on a runway or the autobahn I believe it would do the 135mph book speed easily and get there very quickly indeed, and sustain it too.

Being a sports bike It offers little protection from the elements and the cold winter wind eats into you making you miss the GSA’s tall screen and wide tank that keep you warm whilst on the open road!

However, it does have all the usual BMW goodies & heated grips, but without wind deflectors on the handlebars, they do little to fight the cold.

The standard R1200RS is pretty basic, only featuring ABS, Automatic Stability Control, and Road & Rain riding modes as standard.

The Sport SE mode, which I rode today has , Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment, cruise control. centre stand, rear rack, pannier fastenings, chrome exhaust and GPS mount which I swapped my Nav 5 into whilst riding it!

The saddle is very comfortable and offers the butt a nice ride as you’re cruising along or taking in the bends.

I could imagine riding a few hundred miles with no problems at all in the backside department.

It’s corners well and tucks in nicely although I prefer the way my GSA handles the bends. I guess I’m just not used to race bikes and bikes with narrow handle bars. Having said that, it’s a way better bike than the R-nine-T that I rode last time. Much more comfortable, way quicker and the handling is great compared to the R-nine-T’s somewhat lack of comfort and cornering capabilities, but maybe that’s down to the Dynamic Electronic Suspension more than anything else!

All in all though it’s a great bike and well worth a ride if sports bikes are your thing!

Me……I’ll stick to my GSA thank you! 

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