Still cold in London!

Well the new year is here and my BMW & I are riding into 2017!

With temperatures in London hovering around +7c during the day and -1c at night this city is held in a cold spell at the moment, not quite a Canadian or Nordic winter sadly, but we do our best hey!

I’m still riding everyday as are lots of other bikers around this city.

The roads are greasy and slippery and never seem to get any dryer during the day or night!

I’m running the same tyres – Michelin Anakee Wilds – and I’m having to ride the bike on RAIN mode at the moment as otherwise the back wheel fishtails when I put the power on!

I’ve had a few close calls on some corners where the rear tyre has slipped out on manhole covers, but I’ve held it each time and managed to get it back under control.

Maybe next winter I’ll opt for road tyres instead of the dual sport style……….


Frozen Sheepskin!


Today I awoke to a very frosty morning and found my sheepskin to be frozen!

I simply can not wait for this weather to pass and the sun to shine………..

Happy new year all…………..and safe rides!


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