Box Hill – Surrey

Today was a ride day! I woke up late and decided to ride to Box Hill in Surrey.

Time to get a good ride in with some twisty roads and good views. 

I took my time getting there from London. Taking in as many ‘B’ roads as I could to get me there in a leisurely fashion.

I’d heard lots about Box Hill but in all my years have never ridden or been there until today!!

The views are pretty sweet. There are a lot of trails for families and people to walk around the hill and take in the surrounding countryside. 

There is a cafe selling delicious cakes and good coffee, a visitor centre and even a gift shop! Plenty to do for all the family and dog walkers alike!

The road down the hill has three sweet hairpins, but sadly the traffic is too heavy to get to enjoy them….maybe a night time burn around the hill could be in order!!??


It was the first day I’ve been out where he roads have been dry enough to really lean the bike over without feeling the back wheel is going to slip out!

It can only get better as the summer approaches and the roads get dryer and dryer! 

On the way home I found a cheeky byway and had a little fun going off road for a while. Even jumping and sliding around the woods!


It’s always fun taking the bike around dirt roads and woodland tracks. She really comes in to her own out here and reminds me why I bought such a capable bike.

One minute you’re on the road or motorway the next jumping and skidding around the woods on the same bike!

BMW GSA forever !!

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